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Saythirath Group was established in 2008 with Business License No 0472, issued date 22 August 2008 from ministry of Industry and Trade of Lao PDR. VAT License No 0970 issued date 28 November 2008 from Ministry of Finance of Lao PDR.
Saythirath Group has a client centered focus throughout. Our approach is tailored to the circumstances obtaining in the client’s industry. We construct our team to reflect your organization structure.
Corporate and strategic roles are separate from operational assignment. Your corporate liaison – the client service partner – is empowered to control all aspects of our work. We make all aspects of our work delivery transparent to the client. Our performance is prescheduled, agreed with you for deliverable, timetable and maximum cost effectiveness.
Our aim is to beat your expectations from this agreement. The approach we adopt ensures that we bring our views to you about business operations as well as financial and legal compliance.
Saythirath Group
is dedicated to providing the highest quality professional services to all its clients through assisting them to achieve their objective, whilst realizing the growth aspirations of the firm and our people making a positive difference to the work it serves.